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Some bad news - :iconsaphin: and i are having some creative differences. He wanted to take a break this week, but i did not. But since he's the sketch artist, that's really all there is to it.

We hope to return to a regular schedule next week.
Or, you know, Merry Christmas, or Happy Festivus or whatever you happen to celebrate. The Tragic 6 wish you the same :).
Sorry. This weekend got a bit busy and i didn't have time to finish colouring the page.

But we will be back next week - with ponies of the Tragic 6, no less (been a while for that, huh?).
Good news - :iconsaphin: hurt his arm drawing.

Bad news - :iconsaphin: is at a wedding in another city for the weekend.

Good news - no FIT comic this week, due to saphin's various injuries and obligations.

Bad news - we should be back to a regular schedule next week.

Neutral news - i think i mixed up all the labels.
So it turns out :iconsaphin: wants to take a break this week. As such, we won't be updating with the next Friendship is Tragic. Something about a new job, or something - T-Brony wasn't really paying attention.

Go flame his account like crazy.

At any rate, T-Brony is not nearly so callous. T-Brony appreciatiates T-Brony (and Saphin)'s readership!

So, in lieu of a comic update, T-Brony will tell you what T-Brony did this past weekend, so that you may live vicariously through T-Brony. Experience his highs (vicariously, remember) and be crushed by his lows. So sit back, grab an apple (or apple cider - T-Brony doesn't judge) and listen to T-Brony's recount (now with blurry, out of focus pictures!).

This past weekend, T-Brony went to FanExpo in Toronto.

T-Brony doesn't normally go to these things because he's a <del>cheap</del> <del>impatient</del> <del>shy</del> claustrophobic pony, and doesn't like to <del>spend a lot of money</del> <del>wait in line for hours</del> <del>be in social situations</del> be boxed in by hundreds of other ponies (and non-ponies) in a very over-booked convention centre.

But T-Brony's good friend :iconjtillustration: gave T-Brony an all-access guest pass that allowed him to skip the line - but it came at a terrible price: buying over-priced Pizza Pizza in return!

Still cheaper than a day-pass, though.

T-Brony 1. Society ten hundred billion.

Once T-Brony was inside (and couldn't escape), T-Brony did his best to enjoy his time.

T-Brony saw Daleks (lots and lots of Daleks), cool cars and Lego (T-Brony remembers playing with legos... T-Brony still plays with legos).

Batman seems to have let himself go a little.

Security was unexpectedly tight. Everywhere T-Brony looked he saw Storm Troopers. But then there were a lot of people armed with ineffective plastic weapons. No where near as menacing as T-Brony's weapon: a pen (mightier than the plastic samurai sword!).

For T-Brony (and his watchers), the real attraction was all the various pony memorabilia.

Nothing big, however. It seems MLP is still not really a huge draw at these things. Plus they had their own thing out in Richmond BC the same weekend, T-Brony hears.

The official pony exhibit was disappointingly small. So small T-Brony captured it in a single image.

Most of it was Equestria Girls stuff, too. T-Brony does not hate Equestria Girls like some ponies, but he still wanted to see pony stuff: mini-figs, convention-special ponies... something T-Brony could look at, consider buying but ultimately not buy anyway. But alas, no.

Still, T-Brony did not let this get him down! T-Brony is <del>used to disappointment</del> an optimist!

And after a 40 minute trek from building south back to building north, T-Brony got a chance to see the voice of the Payless shoes girl herself - Tara Strong - in the way T-Brony images Tara Strong wants to be seen by fans like T-Brony: from very far away.
T-Brony did manage to get a closer view.

T-Brony wanted to ask the voice of Batgirl from Batman/Superman adventures to do Raven's line in Bubbles' voice - or if she was an avid reader of Friendship is Tragic - but he didn't.

T-Brony is, after all, a very shy and <del>self-loathing</del> self-conscious pony. Besides, he is sure that the voice of Timmy Turner and Poof on Fairly Oddparents doesn't know what FIT is anyway.

No Andrea Libman or Cathy Weseluck. But T-Brony imagines that they, too, do not read Friendship is Tragic (it is beneath them).

With nothing more to see, T-Brony took the long bus-ride home and thought - "a bus is a lot like a limo. Except you share it with other people, have to travel to where it picks you up, it's not as convenient or nice and you always feel a tinge of shame at having to take one".

All in all, it was a day like any other - if T-Brony spends every day packed into a convention hall with thousands of other people (which thankfully, he does not).

Anyway, T-Brony hopes that you enjoyed living vicariously through his day at Fanexpo, if for no other reason than you, too, got to skip the line and didn't have to pay.

Of course, T-Brony knows this is a poor substitution for a Friendship is Tragic comic - but it is all T-Brony has.

On a side note, T-Brony is fairly certain that should a comicon or fanexpo or whatever ever end in "... and hundreds were killed" - it will have been held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

1 escalator for 10,000 people? Get real!



This is also, like, 3 days shy of FITs second year anniversary. I hope this pseudo-update isn't too upsetting :(.


No comic this week - but we should be back on schedule next monday.
Normally, on this feb monday morning, you'd be reading the latest friendship is tragic comic (your favourite derivative MLP comic, i hope :P).


Yesterday i was working on the latest episode of Friendship is Tragic on my ubuntu 12.10 box. As is my custom, i was working and listening to music while saving periodically.

After finishing a particular element of the picture, i hit the familiar ctrl-s and began to wait as the program started to save. And that's when disaster struck! Suddenly, my entire computer froze - audio, video, everything! A lone note hung in the air, like a horrible prelude to what was to come. Even the save bar seemed to be stuck, mid-save.

But, fear not! It was not to last. After a short period of time, the entire computer shut down - seemingly for no reason at all.

I restarted my computer and navigated to my last working folder only to discover, shock horror, the file that i was in the middle of saving - the latest installment of Friendship is Tragic - was corrupted! 0 bytes, read the header!

Horrified, i attempted to salvage the work. I ran a program called photorec to recover deleted files on my harddrive. Alas, after several hours the only work i was able to salvage turned out to be from a few days ago. Some 6 hours of work that day had been erased. Gone! Deleted! Removed, never to be seen or heard from again!

There's a lesson in all of this, but i'm not sure what it is (probably something to do with how unstabled ubuntu 12.10 is).

Either way, however, there will not be an update to FiT this week.

:iconsaphin: and i apologize for the delay. But, we should return next week. Same pony time! Same pony dA page!

Wow! Featured again on EqD! And after i lightheartedly slighted them for not featuring the comic more recently...

Well, if that's what it takes to get featured, i'm going to have to slight EqD every comic!

I kid, i kid. Every other comic, tops ;).

We love the support. I will answer as many comments as i can, but i've had a busy day, so it might have to wait until tomorrow or later this week. But don't think this means we don't appreciate the support!

Much thanks!

First off, a big thank you to all the watchers and viewers and commenters that enjoy Friendship is Tragic! :iconsaphin: and i truly are appreciative! Your support is the reason we are still doing this comic.

Edit: i'm sorry i can't reply to every last one of your comments - i do try. But there's sometimes a lot of them and i don't come onto dA very frequently (except to update). Also, sometimes i just can't think of anything to say.

Now for the bad news - there won't be a Friendship is Tragic episode tomorrow. I think we'll be taking a "week off" as it were (not really).

Thing is, we've just had such a busy week. It took forever just to get the comic drawn, which means the colouring and comic-izing have yet to be completed. And while we have "rushed" a few comics in the past, it's not something we like doing (the quality suffers - and that's not really fair to readers). So, we've decided skipping this monday is the thing to do.

But fear not! We will be returning next week with a new 6-panel comic that promises to reveal just a little bit more information about each of the tragic 6. It should also feature some other familiar ponies.

Anyway, thank you all again for your support!

Whoa: comments and views inbound!

Though, i sort've expected it. I check my dA page ~2 times a week, but EqD usually daily (for all my pony news). So when i scrolled down the main page and saw Friendship is Tragic highlighted, i thought, "i bet my dA page is getting overloaded."

From what i've seen so far, a lot of kind words and support. Thank you so much.

There is one thing i have to say - even though this comic is hosted on my dA page, don't forget to thank :iconsaphin:, too. He's the primary artist behind the sketchwork, just as i'm the primary writer behind the dialogue. Drop by his page and see some of his other work, too.

As i said in my last journal, we are going to do some more FiT comics, so if you liked the first arc, "stay tuned" for more (likely next week for the first new one).

Now, i'm going to try and comb through all the comments. There's a lot more than the 1 or so i'm used to dealing with, so it may take a few days - but if i don't respond, please don't take it to mean i don't appreciate the comment.


Hi everypony,

Thanks to all the watchers, favouriters and commenters on the Friendship is Tragic comic! I'm glad you all liked it.

The first arc (getting tickets to the Gala) is now complete. You can read the entire thing starting here. I've now put in a little "next" link (after a helpful suggestion) to make reading the comic a little easier.

We (:iconsaphin: and i) will be making more comics about Sparkler and her friends' further adventures in Ponyville (including an eventual trip to the actual Gala) so stay, uh... "tuned".

Otherwise, thank you for all the comments and support!

Merry Christmas Happy Hearth Warming Eve!